New adventure!


The bears of the Archipelago should all be hibernating by now, but something seems to be disturbing their peace! 💤

Sail with Ayra to the Island of Brown Bears, find out what’s making them so restless, and help your furry friends get to sleep inside their cozy dens. ✨

Main reward info:

The main reward for helping Ayra is the statue of the Musician Bear. Give it 1000 coins and 1 emerald florin to receive the “Dairy Farm” special effect that speeds up your cows’ milk production by 5%. The effect will last 20 hours. After getting it, you have to wait 10 days before you can give coins and a florin to the bear again. The bonus is permanent, and the Musician Bear won’t turn into a decoration.

This is the main prize for completing the adventure, along with extra bonuses. You will be able to get shaggy cows for your island in the near future on one of the next islands.


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⚠ ATTENTION: This is a limited-time adventure!

– Your first travel to the Island of Brown Bears must be before December 7, 11:59 p.m. PST (Pacific Standard Time).

– This island will be open for 14 days after your first travel.