A gift in honor of the event! ğŸ’Ž >>

Islanders, we are happy to invite you to take part in our survey and share your personal insights on Taonga! 🌴 Help us improve your gaming experience and steer Taonga in the right direction!

What's in it for you? Apart from the chance to make a real difference in the game that we all enjoy, the participants will receive generous in-game prizes! ğŸŽ

To apply for participation in the survey, please fill up this short questionnaire 📝 >>

It will take only a couple of minutes.

Please take note that only the eligible applicants will be selected for the survey. Make sure to enter your correct email address in the questionnaire so that we can reach you.

All information provided in the questionnaire and throughout the survey will remain completely confidential.

We appreciate your time and input, islanders!

P.S. You can collect the gift at the link above within the next 36 hours. ⏳