New fall adventure!

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Ashley is holding an exciting holiday for the autumn season when the Archipelago’s foliage bursts with vibrant color! 🍂

Sail to the Island of the Autumn Fair, make friends with the unusual farming turkeys, and spend some time among friends! 🦃

Main reward info:

By leveling up at the fair you will obtain several autumn-themed decorations, and for reaching level 25 you will receive the Farmer’s Supper. It will give you a punnet of apples that you can place on your Home Island and collect 3 energy from it (make sure to do it within 10 days before it disappears). You can also send it to your neighbors! 

After you collect a punnet of apples from the Farmer’s Supper, you can recharge it with 5 sweet potatoes, 1 basket, and 3 corn and in 5 hours you will get another punnet. The reward will not turn into a decoration. 

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⚠️ ATTENTION: This is a limited-time adventure!

🔹 Your first travel to the Island of the Autumn Fair must be before November 20, 11:59 p.m. PST (Pacific Standard Time).

🔹 This island will be open for 14 days after your first travel.