🎁 Grab your supplies! 🎁

The most dazzling and exciting event of the year – the Fireworks Festival – is about to start on the Archipelago! πŸŽ†

Visit the Festival, where you can enjoy making traditional dishes, meet those who dwell in the spirit world and set off spectacular fireworks! πŸ’₯

⚠ ATTENTION: The Festival is a limited-time event!

β€” You can first visit the Fireworks Festival anytime before January 29, 11:59 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). ⏳

Island of the Jade Garden

Huang Yin's granddaughter Yang Mei has to deliver a jade statue made by the best craftsman of the Archipelago to the Emperor's palace. ⛏ But is this task easier said than done?

Sail to the Island of the Jade Garden with Yang Mei and help her overcome all the perils and earn the Emperor's favor! 🀴

Main reward info:

The main reward for fully completing the quest on the Island of the Jade Garden is Mei Lin the red panda, a new pet, and its house. You can:

β€” Groom it with 30 bamboo and 1 grooming comb and get 75 experience, 13-17 energy, and 3-5 diamonds.

β€” Take care of it with 50 bamboo and 1 moisturizing lotion and receive 150 experience, 30-40 energy, and 6-10 diamonds. Upon interacting, Mei Lin will follow you on your adventures for 1 day and 20 hours. The red panda’s bonus is permanent, meaning that it will not turn into a decoration with time.


Also during the Festival, you will be able to obtain various decorations and useful resources in the festival shop, including the new bungalow look and the Asian altar - a resort for your neighbors. To prepare the altar, you will need 2 plumeria flowers, 1 torch, 1 patchouli, and 1 jojoba. You can prepare up to 5 spots a day, and you will receive 6 hospitality points, 8-15 energy, and 3-7 diamonds for each visitor. A visitor can get 1-5 energy for using this resort.


β€” The Island of the Jade Garden will close at the same time as the Fireworks Festival, on January 30th, 11:59 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). ⏳

πŸ† Competitions πŸ†

Competitions take place during the Fireworks Festival.

β€” A new competition begins every 2 days at 12:00 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time). πŸ•›

P.S. You can get the bonus via the link above before January 11, 11:59 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). ⏳