The long-awaited update!

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A Lagoon located on the other side of the home island is now available to players level 22 and up! 🎊

Venture off on an exciting journey across new islands, meet new characters, and unveil fantastic secrets. ✨ Solve the mystery of the ancient temple 🛕, explore the lagoon 🌊, and make this new territory yours! 🌴

🪓 Helpers

Getting ready for the move to the lagoon, the lumberjack and stone carver learned a new trick: now they can be placed in storage! 📦

🎣 Fishing 🎣

New types of fish have come to us from the warm lagoon waters. These are rays and lionfish;

They are accompanied by new fishing achievements and rare rewards! ⭐️

Rewards info:

After you complete the main questline, you will get a new territory. Then, you will be able to increase its level, earn a new type of coins, and gradually unlock and purchase various rewards in the lagoon’s shop: for example, a new bungalow, decorations, a new wellness spot, and even a pet.

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Visit the in-game chat or our official Facebook fan page to discuss the long-awaited update! 🗣