Islanders, it seems the trials proved to be both exciting and challenging for you! With all its new and unusual mechanics, it might not be easy to wrap your head around the pyramid’s workings. 

So, we prepared an FAQ to help you find your way through the halls of the Serpent King’s city! 

– How do I travel to the Island of the Mysterious Pyramid?

The Island of the Mysterious Pyramid is available for islanders at level 20 and up. To go there, open your boat’s menu and look for the destination between the Island of the Guiding Light and the Island of the Turtles. 

– There is a stone gate blocking my way on the island! How can I open it?

This gate will automatically open up as you complete the introductory quests that require you to pacify the mummy and find talisman fragments. 

– How can I find Pieces of Talisman? 

To get a Talisman Piece, you have to play the match-pair mini-game at an Ancient Wall. To begin the game, you need 1 torch. To win a fragment, open 2 identical Talisman Piece cards. There are 6 walls to be found on the island. If you lose the mini-game, you can start over right away. After you win, you have to wait 10 hours for the Ancient Wall to be available. 

– How can I enter the pyramid?

Upon completing the introductory quests, you can start the trial by giving 1 torch and 1 talisman to the pyramid. 

– Can I get back to my home island without losing the trial progress?

You can leave the island after receiving the challenge but before going into the pyramid. If you enter and then exit the pyramid, the current trial will end. 

– What items are typically required to complete trials?

Most often, you’ll need torches, ropes, and buckets. Sometimes – planks and blocks of stone. Rarer – milk, banana chips, mangoes and papayas.

– How to find out which items are needed to complete the current trial?

First, you have to give 1 torch and 1 talisman to the pyramid. When you do it, the backpack menu opens. At the bottom, you can see what items are needed for this specific trial. 

– But it does not show how many of them are required!

The backpack is pretty capacious, so we recommend you transport as many of those items as possible from your home island to this island’s pier. The remainder will be transferred back to the pier there after you exit the pyramid. 

– Okay, so how do I take items along into the pyramid?

You have to click the pyramid and use the arrow buttons at the bottom to carry them over to the backpack. Then click “Enter” to begin the trial.

– I had items in my backpack, but they were not available inside the pyramid. Why?

If you don’t enter the pyramid as soon as you put all the resources into the backpack but close that window, your backpack gets reset. This means that the next time you click the pyramid, you will have to transfer these items again, as, by default, it will be empty. Make sure to check if there is anything in the backpack before clicking “Enter.”

– How do I replenish strength while doing the trial?

Inside the pyramid, you can always find a fountain you can claim strength from. Keep exploring the dungeon the discover one. 

– I fully completed 3 pyramids, but the quest shows I did only 2/4 trials! Why?

After completing the introductory quests, you receive the "First Trials of the Pyramid" mission. It requires you to finish 1 pyramid trial. After that, you get the "Island History III" quest that requires you to complete another 4 pyramid trials. This is a new mission, and the counter for it starts from 0. The first pyramid that you did counted toward the first quest. 

– I finished a pyramid, and there was “COMPLETED” written on the bottom panel, but it wasn’t counted for the quest! Why?

“COMPLETED” used to mean that you defeated the Serpent King, but it didn’t indicate that you completed all the trial steps. This proved to be confusing for many players, so we fixed this icon – now, you will see the “COMPLETED” sign only after you fully finish the trial.

– How many challenges do I have to finish to get Nighta? 

Overall, you have to complete 13 pyramid trials to obtain her. 

– Does Nighta turn into a decoration over time?

She will always be giving you bonuses after you get her. 

– How do her upgrades work? 

After you get Nighta, you can upgrade her 2 times. For each upgrade, you have to purchase a collar at the archaeologist’s tent. Every upgrade unlocks 1 way to interact with her on your home island, with the overall number of interaction options being 3. After upgrading, she will be able to bring you more valuable resources in exchange for Ankhs and Pharaoh’s Ankhs. Upgrades also change her appearance, adding golden accessories to decorate her black fur. 

– My question is not on the list! 

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