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As this festival is new for everyone, we bet you have many questions about it, islanders. 🤔 So we’ve prepared this guide to help you out!

🔹 How do I participate in the Fireworks Festival?

At level 10, the hot air balloon will appear on the small islet at home. Click on it and set off for the grand celebration by clicking the travel button.

🔹 How can I get tickets to the Festival?

You can get 7 tickets from the gift that appears beside the hot air balloon every day, or purchase them with diamonds in the hot air balloon window by clicking on the “+” button

🔹 How to bring the ingredients for making the dishes at the Fireworks Festival?

On your home island, click on the hot air balloon, then choose 'Load' from the menu at the top and move the required items from your storage (on the left) onto the balloon (on the right). Travel to the Festival with the items in your hot air balloon, and they will be available for cooking there.

Please note that you have to load these items onto the hot air balloon, not the boat!

🔹 How do I unlock the Island of the Jade Garden?

Complete the “Huang Yin’s granddaughter” quest at the Fireworks Festival to unlock the adventure.

🔹 What is the reward for completing all the quests on the Island of the Jade Garden?

The final reward is a new pet – Mei Lin the red panda. It will bring you gifts (energy, diamonds, and experience), depending on the interaction options you choose (groom it or take care of it).

🔹 How many islands must be completed to get the main reward?

Just one – the Island of the Jade Garden.

🔹 Is there a reward for banishing all evil spirits on the Festival island?

There is no final reward for doing that, but you do get a casket of valuables each time you hang the firecrackers and light them up. 

🔹 How can I spend lucky coins and jade coins?

You can exchange your coins for the various festival prizes in the shop under the ‘Festival’ tab. They include decorations, a new look for your bungalow, valuable resources, and a new resort.

🔹 How to collect lucky coins?

– Complete quests at Fireworks Festival;

– Complete quests on the Island of the Jade Garden;

– Upgrade your festival level;

– Give treats to the festival guests;

– Complete orders of the oriental residences;

– Get them from caskets by hanging the firecrackers on the poles;

– Get them from the altars at the Fireworks Festival.

🔹 How to collect jade coins?

– Complete the quests at Fireworks Festival;

– Complete the quest on the Island of the Jade Garden;

– Make the top 100 in the fireworks competitions;

– Get them for lucky coins in the festival shop;

– Pass trials in the Spirit World;

– Launch large fireworks.

🔹 What items in the festival shop have functions?

Here’s what you can find in the festival shop:

– The Asian altar – a resort for your neighbors. To prepare it, you will need 2 plumeria flowers, 1 torch, 1 patchouli, and 1 jojoba. You can prepare up to 5 spots a day, and you will receive 6 hospitality points, 8-15 energy, and 3-7 diamonds for each visitor. A visitor can get 1-5 energy for using this resort.

– The firework stand and the firecracker pole allow you to set off fireworks or light a firecracker respectively once in 20 hours and get 1 experience point.

– A new look for your bungalow.

– Valuable resources such as florins, energy, jade coins, jade prayer beads, and Galleon contract.

– Animated decorations.

– All other items are decorations for your Home Island. Among them, there are caskets of jade rabbits that contain random jade rabbit figurines. 

🔹 How do I get into the Spirit World?

You need to have jade prayer beads to travel to the Spirit World. You can get beads from the daily gift that appears on the Festival islet, get them with lucky coins in the festival shop, or purchase them with diamonds.

🔹 Is it possible to restore strength inside the Spirit World?

You can use the health shrine to restore your strength in the Spirit World. To be able to use it, you will need 1 health talisman and 1 clay lantern.

🔹 How to get talismans?

You can get them from the altars at the Fireworks Festival.

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P.S. You can claim your gift before January 13, 11:59 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). ⏳